Alpha Team Medical, Authorized Alpha-Stim Distributor for Charlotte, North Carolina

Military and Veterans Alpha-Stim Testimonials

Vietnam War Veteran


Jim Black

Local Veteran talks about his life-changing results with Alpha-Stim, Waxhaw NC. 

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Medal of Honor Recipient


Dakota Meyer, U.S. Marine

“It was like it just melted the anxiety away. I could not believe the relief. How many times have I dealt with the anxiety because I didn’t want to take the drugs? Alpha-Stim allows me to fix my problem without stopping life. Life still goes on. To have a solution to the problem that allows me to go on about my life without any adverse effects is incredible.” Learn more...


Alpha-Stim's Effectiveness


Colonel Kathy Platoni,

“In the wartime theaters of both Iraq and Afghanistan… Alpha-Stim CES was the single most effective form of treatment our Combat Stress Control Teams were able to provide for Service Members in our care. 

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Healing Heroes With Alpha-Stim


That’s the purpose of Alpha-Stim therapy: to return the mind to a state of normalcy and calm. In eliciting these positive feelings, stress and agitation decrease, moods stabilize, and certain types of pain may even decrease. 

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Highly Decorated Navy SEAL

Alpha-Stim brings relief for Highly Decorated Navy SEAL

Navy SEAL Tried Everything and Finally Found Help with Alpha-Stim.

"one thing I’ve noticed is that after every use I sleep, and I wake up much happier."

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Navy Pain Management Initiative


Alpha-Stim® is Key Part of U.S. Navy Pain Management Initiative

 “Everything we do is to get our patients off opioids or to significantly reduce the use.” 

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