Relief from Stress, Insomnia and Chronic Pain!

Father uses Alpha-Stim M to experience relief from stress and insomnia, while his daughter with Downs Syndrome experiences relief from chronic stomach pain. 

Charlotte, North Carolina

Autistic Daughter Experiences Amazing Anxiety Relief

Part 1 - Jimmy Miller(Father) shares his experiences with the Alpha-Stim M and how it provided life-changing anxiety relief for his daughter Nicole, who has struggled with autism and severe anxiety her entire life.

Concord, North Carolina

Part 2 - Soon...                                      

Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress and Stomach Pain Relief

Merna Gill suffered with chronic stomach pain her entire life and after using the Alpha-Stim AID for the very first time, experienced life-changing relief from the pain. Merna talks about how applying Jack White's Alpha-Stim AID Training helped her to immediately relieve anxiety during the day and  the amazing difference this has made with her energy level and quality of sleep.

Merna Gill, Teacher

Charlotte, North Carolina

Alpha-Stim Elevated My Mood and Made Me Smile

Practitioner at conference shares her first experience after I showed her the best way to use the Alpha-Stim AID.

Mental Health Practitioner

Charlotte, North Carolina

Emily Talks About Depression & Alpha-Stim

Alpha-Stim is a handheld, prescription medical device that is FDA cleared to treat Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, and Pain. It is fast, safe and proven effective with more than 100 studies of the past 35 years.  

Veteran says, Pain and Anxiety Gone! Sleeping Better!

I was really skeptical before I tried Alpha-Stim. Is this for real and then I used it. Pain was gone, anxiety was gone and I am finally sleeping. I actually have to use an alarm clock now where before I could only sleep for four hours since combat in Vietnam.

Jim Black,

Land of The Waxhaws

Waxhaw, North Carolina