Wil Dees, Alpha-Stim Clinical Sales and Service


Wil graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has almost 18 years of experience in health care information technology product management. She is a true champion of Alpha-Stim learning about it when searching for a safe and effective medication alternative for her young daughter. Wil joined Alpha Team Medical in 2015 and takes great pleasure in delivering hope to those suffering with the symptoms Alpha-Stim treats. Wil Dees Small Business Giving Heart Interview.

Contact Wil Dees at (704) 969-9972 EXT 701 today for assistance with getting your Alpha-Stim today! . 

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Wil Dees, Clinical Sales and Service

Wil Dees, Clinical Sales and Service

Wil Dees, Alpha-Stim Testimony

You can learn more about Wil Dees in her Video interview. Wil shares why she got started helping others with Alpha-Stim.  

Relieve anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain!

Jennifer H. Dean, MACP, LPC-S, Founder and Therapist for Vine Counseling Resources interviews Wil Dees, Alpha-Stim Clinical Educator about Alpha-Stim Technology, FDA Cleared for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. It is non-addictive, non-invasive, a non-drug, quick effective way to relieving these symptoms and with out side effects.

Veteran says, Pain, Anxiety Gone! Sleeping Better!


Thank you for for training me on how to use the Alpha-Stim! 

I was really skeptical before I tried Alpha-Stim. I was thinking, Is this for real and then I used it. Pain was gone, anxiety was gone and I am finally sleeping. I actually have to use an alarm clock now where before I could only sleep for four hours since suffering from combat trauma that happened many years ago in Vietnam. 

Jim Black,


Daily Alpha-Stim Treatments for Anxiety Relief

As the mom of a very intense young man with clinically diagnosed OCD anxiety disorder, we tried many treatments and modalities to help him cope and deal with his situation.  We tried Cognitive Behavior Therapy, prescription medications, over the counter supplements, talk therapy, etc. and  were very disappointed with the results.  Some relief was achieved, but not enough for him to feel in control of his anxiety on a situational basis.  

His psychiatrist asked us to try Alpha-Stim.  What a life changing aid this has been!  My son has experimented with different times and levels of treatment until he has found what works best for him.  He uses the AS daily as a way of maintaining his emotional stability and as an aid to help him fall asleep easily.  Whenever a stressful situation arises (an upcoming academic exam, a harsh word sent his way, a change in his scheduled routine) his first instinct is to put on his AS.  He finishes his session and is happy, peaceful, calm, and has stopped his OCD ruminations about whatever situation was provoking him.  AS has given him power over his OCD and anxiety in a safe, non-medicated, self empowered way.

Susan S.

Charlotte, NC